Welcome! Thanks for stopping by I am a software engineer Based in Chicago I enjoy Learning new technologies developing APIs and tacos

Long Story Short

My software journey began with a mentorship program at Groupon. I wanted to continue on the software development path so I decided to attend Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. Upon graduation, I did full stack development with the start up Mobile X Labs (now called Nativ Mobile). I eventually moved on to the advertising agency Schafer Condon Carter (SCC) for two years where I wrote code in Ruby, JavaScript, React.js, and Node.js.

I currently am a full stack developer at Punchkick Interactive. I have also been mentoring incoming students as a Phase 0 Guide at Dev Bootcamp for the last three years.

I have experience with Ruby (Rails), Python (Django), Angular, and various other frameworks. My current interests lie in building APIs and working on larger scale applications that deal with scalability and concurrency.

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